Computer basics

Computer Fundamental MS Word MS Excel Fundamental Use of Data Sheets in MS Excel Formulae and PIVOTS in Excel Linking of Different Sheet and Formulae in Excel Sheets Write, edit and print documents using Use of Tables in MS Word Use of Tools in MS Word MS Power Point Prepare…
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Web designing

Fundamental Of Designing Introduction to Web Technologies Fundamentals of Graphic Designs Designing for Web Overview of the Designing process Understanding Colour Models Image Formats and their differences Basics of Typography Adobe Indesign Work on Master Pages Objects and Layers Page, Gap & Frome Tool Typesetting & Formatting Managing Pages Adobe…
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Web Development

CSS3 Introduction to CSS ID, Class & Tag Selector Combinators & Display Typography (em & rem) Boarder & Spacing Flex & Float Position Pseudo Classes & Pseudo Elements CSS Transformation & Animation Media Tags, Embed & Fonts Media Queries HTML 5 Introduction to HTML Editors for Coding HTML Basic Layout…
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Digital Marketing

Website Development Before You Build Your Site know your target website Decide Page elements Understanding Web-Site Optimization Does hosting matter? Domain-naming tips Powerful titles Creating great and Unique content Fussy frames Cranky cookies Design Concerns Duplicate content Hidden pages Dealing with updates and site changes Understanding Keyword Placement Alt and…
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Android App Development

Android OS Introduction to Android Introducing Development Framework Dalvik Virtual Machine – DVM Developing with Eclipse Android Architecture and OOPS Android Virtual Device and SDK Manager Android Development Tools Android Debug Bridge Android Architecture and OOPS Acivity Lifecycle Component Lifecycle Fundamentals OOPS Software Engineering SQL Queries Basics of Designing Test…
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