Digital Marketing

Website Development

  • Before You Build Your Site know your target website
  • Decide Page elements
  • Understanding Web-Site Optimization
  • Does hosting matter?
  • Domain-naming tips
  • Powerful titles
  • Creating great and Unique content
  • Fussy frames
  • Cranky cookies
  • Design Concerns
  • Duplicate content
  • Hidden pages
  • Dealing with updates and site changes
  • Understanding Keyword Placement
  • Alt and Other Tags and Attributes


  • Importance of Keywords
  • Picking the Right Keywords
  • What’s the Right Keyword Density?
  • More About Keyword Optimization
  • Content Optimization

Search Engine Basics

  • What Is a Search Engine and how it works?
  • What are Crawlers, spidersand robots
  • Classifications of Search Engines
  • Targeted search engines
  • Types of SEO
  • SEO Designs and Layout
  • On Page SEO using Page Title, Meta Description, Meta
  • Keywords & Headings


  • Optimization for Google
  • Understanding Google Page Rank
  • Calculate Page Rank of each page
  • Algorithm of Page Rank
  • Optimization for MSN
  • Optimization for Yahoo!
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